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Nov. 16th, 2007 @ 05:46 am I'm still alive, somewhat...
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World of Warcraft. That should explain my absence from LJ. A lot has happened since august, but not much has changed. And I don't mean that in a bad way. Quite the contrary.

Erik and I went to New York in September for my birthday. We both have never been so we thought it'd be interesting (to say the least) to go see it.

We argued the whole time there. I think because we are not party/clubbing/bar-hopping/city-life people, it kinda drained us. We were looking for a relaxing vacation and all we found was fast-paced New York. Try catching a ride on the subway at 8am. Don't get me wrong, there were beautiful parts to it. We saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway...and it was amazing!!! But all in all, it just wasn't what Erik and I were looking/hoping for. And I will NEVER spend my birthday on an airplane. It sucks.

The fires in San Diego last month burned Erik's parent's house down. They are living with us now and it's been fine. It's nice to have food in the fridge and have clean dishes. :D It's been an adjustment for all of us. Yet we're all doing good. They normally hang out downstairs in the living room while Erik and I are upstairs on the computer playing WoW. So we really don't have an issue with space. I just can't play WoW naked anymore. Heh.

I got a new schedule at work... 10pm to 8am. I get 3 days off! So far it's been tiring but I like it. Work has been sucking though. Not making much money either. And that = less motivation for me to go to work. Ugh. But just gotta deal with the grind.

Erik and I went to Vegas a week ago. I got to see Seth, and it was so much fun. He leads a very interesting life. I also got to meet a few of the WoW gamers who lived in Vegas. It was kinda cool. None of them turned out to be crazy kooks or anything. ...Would that mean Erik and I were the ones? Hah. Yeah, I've talked to some wacky people online. And since WoW has become my addiction, I haven't been able to type as properly as I used to. My hand positions on the keyboard has even changed! Argh! Yeah, my entry will probably be "I Have Carpal Tunnel..."

Anyways...I forgot my cousin's birthday a few days ago and I feel like shit. I don't know how I did though, I saved it to my phone...gah, stupid phone! And I haven't even thought about Christmas yet...much less who I'm giving gifts to and what. Shit, Thanksgiving is almost upon us! I think I'll just go hide in a cave this holiday. >.< And I have to get my wisdom teeth removed in December too. Oh joy.

I'm going to bed now before I think of other things to depress me. Woot, warm bed! With Erik and Iago!