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Mar. 5th, 2007 @ 07:07 am
Current Mood: sad
I strained a muscle in my back. It hurts every time I turn my body, or lift my hands up, or laugh/cough hard. It hurts especially when I flex/tighten my back. Argh. I also had to cancel my trip to Yosemite. Iago isn't feeling very good, and I don't want to leave him for a few days. He needs me. So the nice romantic (but probably cold) weekend Erik and I had planned for our 2nd anniversary has been postponed. But I guess it was all for the best.

I've been feeling down lately. Haven't picked up a new book yet...which sorta bothers me. I'm always reading, even if I have to reread a good book--I don't mind. But these last few weeks have been book-free...Can't get excited about reading anything, and that worries me. I feel depressed, but I'm not sure why or what about. Erik is working on quitting smoking. It makes me feel sad when he gives in and has a smoke. It saddens me more that he couldn't go more than 4 days without one.

I hate dependency.

I miss talking to Dru. I wonder how he's doing...

Work's going pretty well. I feel positive about it. I like the money I'm making. I know I take pride in my work and it shows.

I miss Aaron. If he was still here, I'd ask him to go to the My Chemical Romance/Rise Against concert with me. No one else seems to want to. I really wanted to go too. Another time, perhaps. Another life, maybe.

I like The Shins. Their music soothes me. And makes me feel a bit cheerful. And always will remind me of Garden State. Love that movie.