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Feb. 25th, 2007 @ 04:41 pm A Special Trip to Vegas
Current Location: Seth's bitchin' computer room
Current Mood: content
It was almost like a moment of clarity. I experienced feelings I thought were long gone. It gave me a more truthful look at all the relationships in my life.

I've never experienced Vegas like this before.
Buying drinks for a local band playing at an Irish pub. They were already drunk--big surprise. But they played really well in that state. Must be pretty normal for them.
Having a Mexican restaurant that's open (not just drive thru) in the wee hours of the morning. Carrrrrrrrrrrne asada.
Meeting Flogging Molly, and then seeing them in concert.
Getting along with not just one, but two females for three days. I actually like them.
And being in Vegas without Erik. And without gambling. Unless you count gambling with our lives by getting in a car with Seth at the wheel.

I really enjoyed myself. Really had a good time with people other than my family and Erik (and Iago.) It almost felt like the connection I had way back in AIT with Patrick and Jesse. Strange times.

Flogging Molly was GREAT. I was probably the only Asian there--thanks for noticing Sarah :)--but what can I say? Told you I was white-washed. And for some reason, the vodka in all my drinks tasted exceptionally smooth. And not just at the concert, during my entire trip! And I have a new drink. Not my favorite, but still quite good: Vodka and tonic with a twist of lime.

So, is this what it's like to have friends? Is this what friends do? I nearly forgot how. I feel...good about this. And the interesting tibit about all the people I've been hanging out with this weekend? We're all in (or were in) the Army. We all shudder at the mention of sand, tents, and camels. One of the few things the Army is good for: bringing people together.

Anyhow, it is Sunday evening. My flight back to San Diego leaves tonight. I am eager to get back to Erik and Iago. I miss them terribly. But I can't wait to see these neat people again. Seth especially. I think he's another version of Patrick. Didn't think I'd find another. Hoping to join him in his kayaking trip this summer. Sounds just like an adventure I need. Hopefully, Erik will be able to join me this time.

A side note: This trip made me realize my love for music and writing again. Two very important components in my life. Need to attend a concert at least once every few months. I thrive on live music.